Bid Goodbye to A Case of DUI

A Drinking Under the Influence (DUI) charge is not a mild offense. Once sentenced guilty, it can include a huge fine. It can also affect your driving abilities as your license may be suspended, or worse, revoked. Also, a guilty DUI charge can cause an increase in insurance rates and some time in jail. Thus, a verdict of guilty can have negative effects on your daily life as it impacts options for employment, financial capabilities and domestic and international travel opportunities.

But, instead of losing hope or becoming paranoid, you can choose to face a DUI case and get it dismissed. There are tips to survive a DUI arrest, without ruining your personal life or career.

The first thing to remember is to know all the details about the arrest. List down your state of driving when an officer stopped you, how you were (look, attitude, actions) upon initial questioning and when taking field sobriety tests and the results of any test you have taken.

Next, always keep in mind that an individual remains innocent until he or she is proven to be guilty. Even if you fail a chemical blood or breath test or a sobriety test, it does not necessarily mean that you are automatically guilty. Being guilty must be proven by the prosecution in court. They should be able to insinuate to the jury that this guilt is indeed beyond reasonable doubt. It is the responsibility of your DUI lawyer to create reasonable doubt and get the case dismissed. For DUI experts, there are a lot of valid defenses.

Get a DUI lawyer. AGHA, who are qualified and experienced, can aid in a DUI case with their expertise. They can create a DUI defense that can lessen the sentence or better, dismiss your charges.

There are also quite a number of don’ts to remember.


When arrested, don’t think that you are immediately guilty, even with a .08 percent level of blood alcohol content (BAC). Never discuss your case with others except your DUI lawyer as this can cause a negative effect on your image. Also, discussing with your family or loved ones can cause them (and you) stress. They can even be called on by the court to testify against your case.

It is also a must to be aware that you should not talk to the police without a lawyer. It is important to be with a DUI lawyer who can properly advise answering questions of the police. Getting a good lawyer is easy, you can visit Piety Hill Design Anaheim for professional representation.

The most important don’t is – Don’t drink and drive. Prevention is always better than cure.a